Websites for Real Businesses: Responsive, Mobile Cheap Web Design

Have you been looking for cheap web design – A website designer near Newcastle-under-Lyme, who can help design a quality website, for a regular, honest business like yours?

When we say regular, we’re saying it with real love and affection. Because it’s exactly what we are here at DA Web Services.

Working hard for our crust, offering a high-quality service, cheap web design, at a rate that won’t make your bank account wince. If this is you, we’d love to chat.

In this post, we’re going to touch upon websites that work for people just like you.

Business owners who aren’t tinkering with the look and pixel perfect intricacies of their website all day, and are instead out there, in the trenches, rolling up their sleeves and getting on with the day job.

Mobile Responsive Websites for Real Life Businesses

We hear the terms ‘responsive’, and ‘mobile first’ thrown around a lot. It ultimately just means, your website will load properly on almost every single screen out there. From laptops to iPads, to tablets and mobile phones. In 2018, it’s now even more important than ever to have a website which renders properly on mobile screens.

Research shows that a whopping 57% of visitors won’t recommend a business with a website that’s poorly designed and won’t render properly on their phone.

Given this huge number, let’s take turn this into a real-life example.

Real life case study

Say it’s an emergency and you need a plumber at yours pronto.

What do you do?

Turn on your computer and wait for it to whirr away and do its thing…

Or, grab your phone and Google local plumbers near you?

When you find one, you’ll click through to their website to see if they look legit, and if they do, ring ring, you’ll give them a call. This website needs to do the job of selling and showing him, his services and his contact details in a simple, clear and responsive way. So that no matter what device a client finds him on, they’ll get the same result each time.

Compare this to a plumber who has a website which isn’t responsive, which requires tonnes of annoying pinching, zooming and scrolling around. Eventually, given it’s an emergency, they’ll just give up, hit the back arrow – and find someone else. Which means, without a responsive website, businesses up and down the country really could be losing out on thousands of pounds worth of business.

Don’t Lose Out, Get a Responsive Website Today

Make sure you don’t lose out because of a poorly designed website, get in touch with us today to discuss our affordable, cheap web design packages for local businesses here in Newcastle Under Lyme.

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